Hey guys,

over the last couple of weeks we’ve worked on overhauling our website. You might have seen our first homepage and noticed that it did not offer many functions. It was only able to hold a couple of picture galleries and YouTube links. Hence we were absolutely unsatisfied with it we decided to give it a complete overhaul.

Appearance & Navigation

Website 2.0 looks so much better than its predecessor. Starting off with a beautiful and functional slider on the homepage you can instantly see our latest cars and quickly access its respective pages. Followed by a smaller welcoming area which gives you quick access to main parts of our websites. Areas for our social media, latest cars overview, vehicle type menu, latest articles and facts are located further down the page.


Every car we produce videos of for our YouTube channel will receive its own vehicle page. On that page you will be able to find a picture gallery of the car, vehicle specifications and a quick guide to all videos on YouTube. Furthermore we will publish written reviews including pros and cons.

As we are occasionally being provided with vehicles for review and filming purposes by car dealerships and rental companies we will be including their contact information to provide quick access to their services.


We want to be upfront with you. Maintaining this website and producing videos and reviews takes up lots of effort and costs money, so please tolerate our need to monetize our YouTube videos and website. Also please consider whitelisting our website in your adblocker. We won’t spam you with ads. Promise! Thank you very much for understanding!

If you have any desires or criticism feel free to contact us through our contact form. That will help us improve ourselves. We highly appreciate it!

Have a good one!



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